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Originally Posted by falko
...I'm not sure though if it's enough to say "this reseller is allowed to install CMS' in his web sites, and that one isn't" instead of specifiying a number...
Ok, I agree with all you've said, but talking only about the reseller I see the following problem:
Suppose a reseller has all the tipical limitations ispconfig can give him, plus 20 CMS.
He's got 4 different plans. Now, what is the poor man going to do if the 20 CMS are over? I mean, maybe the reseller has a comertial website with his plans for everyone to see. If CMS's are over, will he be "buying" from the ispconfig admin more CMS's? or will he be modifying his plans?
I think 1 CMS per MySQL is a good choice, and reseller is CMS 1 or 0, but not number limited.
What do you think? Maybe the reseller problem has a solution, i dont know.
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