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So I went directly to the get it form the svn.
here everiting is fine but couldn't run either the install or the upgrade script because it say that ispconfig2 is installed.
I looked at the code and it simply check for

if(is_dir('/root/ispconfig') || is_dir('/home/admispconfig')) { die('This software can not be installed on a server wich runs ISPConfig 2.x.'); }

So it is simply impossible to upgrade a beta version since it only check for the presence of the configuration directory but not for the version.
I dont know what you exactly did, but ISPConfig 3 does not use these two directories and if they are used, ispconfig 2 is installed on your system and you can not install ISPConfig 2 and 3 together on the same machine.

I use the update script daily, it works just fine. ISPConfig 3 never uses /root/ispconfig or /home/admispconfig, so maybe you created them manually?

Did I configured something wrongly or mydns is not getting correctly the table schema?
Please post the config file of mydns-ng. you will have to point mydns-ng to the ispconfig database and tell the software which tables to use, the installer is doing this for mydns by altering the config file.
Till Brehm
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