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I made a ubuntu package for the latest stable mydns-ng version ( 2008-02-23 02:10). It install anyway as mydns and ispconfig recognize the service.
The problem is that I couldn't configure it since the ispconfig DNS configuration panel do not allow me to select a server, the select is empty therefore I can't add a zone. I select a server in others panels as the select is populated.
I wanted to update with the svn.tar.gz version and to test also there but no update.php script in it. :-(

So I went directly to the get it form the svn.
here everiting is fine but couldn't run either the install or the upgrade script because it say that ispconfig2 is installed.
I looked at the code and it simply check for
if(is_dir('/root/ispconfig') || is_dir('/home/admispconfig')) {
        die('This software can not be installed on a server wich runs ISPConfig 2.x.');
So it is simply impossible to upgrade a beta version since it only check for the presence of the configuration directory but not for the version.
Commented the code and went on with a fresh install (already un-installed the previous version) and now the server select under DNS tab is populated.

Using the server as dns I can resolve the base domain ( but couldn't resolve third level domain like

I configured as follow and as far as I remember dns con figuration it should be fine:
Server: Server
Client: XXXX
Zone (SOA):
Refresh: 28800 Seconds
Retry: 7200 Seconds
Expire: 604800 Seconds
Minimum: 86400 Seconds
TTL: 86400 Seconds
Xfer (IP): Allow zone transfers to this IP
Active: X

And there are the following records:
Active  	Type  		Name  		Data  	 
Yes 		A 		www 		public.ip.address
Yes 		CNAME 		mail 		www 
Yes 		MX
Yes 		NS
So resuming form remote connection using the server as dns I can correctly ping but I could not ping
Running mydns in verbose (mydns -v) mode I have the following:

.......... IN A REFUSED Zone_not_found 1 0 0 0 LOG N QUERY ""
.......... IN A REFUSED Zone_not_found 1 0 0 0 LOG Y QUERY ""
Did I configured something wrongly or mydns is not getting correctly the table schema?
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