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Originally Posted by till
Because the error message you posted says that postfix is not able to resolve the domain.

You can do that without creating an A-Record. Which message appears in the mail log when you send an email. If you use a pop3 daemon that uses maildir format like courier, then check the Maildir setting in ISPConfig under management > server > settings on the mail tab.

Yes, check maildir setting and send a testmail again.
I created an A record in ISPConfig and I can now send emails back and fort to the two emails I can even send loop back email. Seems to be working fine, except that when I use "reply to" sometimes it gets through to the recipient and sometimes it doesn't.

Almost there guys. Once I get the reply to work porperly then I'll move on to making it live on the internet. Meanwhile need to know if you have any ideas as to why the reply thingy seem to be ropey?

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