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Originally Posted by deezone
Thanks for the the tip on simplified form for the user website. The ~ did the work just fine.

With regard to the email. When u say create an A record in DNS do you mean in ISPConfig?
Because the error message you posted says that postfix is not able to resolve the domain.

I was wondering why you can't do a test mail from within a local network. I mean, in MS Exchange, I can send emails within the Local Area Network without having to create an A record. As with postfix, I created two emails/users say and Then I logged into the webmail as and sent a mail to Then I logged out and logged in as to check the inbox and found it empty. Does this mean that postfix is not able to process internal mails unless an A record is setup?
You can do that without creating an A-Record. Which message appears in the mail log when you send an email. If you use a pop3 daemon that uses maildir format like courier, then check the Maildir setting in ISPConfig under management > server > settings on the mail tab.

The only thing that started to work now is sending emails from the webmail to my MS Exchange email account (on the same network). This goes to show that smtp is working fine. Is there a way to test if IMAP and POP3 are working as well?
Yes, check maildir setting and send a testmail again.
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