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Originally Posted by Tribal-Dolphin
The Creator is the person who have created the reseller/client account.
I'll need to know if the question is for admin, Reseller1, Reseller2, ......
I assume you have the sys_user.doc_id of the reseller/client and want to get the sys_user.doc_id of the creator. First we will find out if it is a reseller or a client. When it is a reseller, the support requests have to be send to the admin:

$groups = $go_api->groups->myGroups();
if(is_array($groups)) {
//This user is a reseller, because clients do not have a group!
} else {
// This must be a client, now get the sys_user.doc_id of the reseller
$reseller = $go_api->db->queryOneRecord("SELECT doc_id FROM sys_user WHERE userid = $client_sys_doc_id");
$reseller_sys_doc_id = $reseller["doc_id"];


Originally Posted by Tribal-Dolphin
I don't find this file : and the Where they are ?
Sorry, i posted the wrong filenames:

in /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/web/lib/classes/


Every class contains functions that are called when an event like insert update or delete happens for a form. The functions are:

*_insert($doc_id, $doctype_id, $die_on_error = '1')
*_update($doc_id, $doctype_id, $die_on_error = '1')
*_delete($doc_id, $doctype_id, $die_on_error = '1')
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