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First, yes I have a static IP address that I am paying extra for through my ISP.

Now, let me see if I am understanding how this works. Tell me if I am getting this right:
Basically, My server is actually acting as my Web-Server and a nameserver combined? So when someone types in my domain name, Yahoo sends the request to the name server listed and that nameserver is supposed to return the IP address of the requested site? So if I have my server set up as the nameserver it needs to be able to perform this task. That being said, does the nameserver then send the user on to the correct IP address after it has identified it? (Or in my case, the nameserver sends the user back to itself, running as a web server)

Now this raises the question, why do I have my actual IP address in the "A" records of my domain? I just can't seem to get my head to wrap around the ideas here. Why is the nameserver needed?

This is absolutely driving me crazy! I am normally a pretty fast learner on this kind of stuff but this concept is totally eluding me!!

Thank you so much for your time and if I become a pest just tell me so!!
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