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Default mail from server being blocked?

This is a head scratcher for me, been fighting with this for a while.
I got the ISPconfig on a Suse9.3 install and the Uebimaiu webmail that ISPconfig installed works great email AOL users but we have found that PHP programs like Geeklog and Coppermine Photo Gallery to name a couple can send emails to most all servers and people get the emails from them but not AOL and my brother on roadrunner cable back in NewYork.

I can send emails to AOL and my brother on Roadrunner perfectly and they get all the emails sent directly from the Ubimail webmail on my server but its those pesky php programs they don't get email from.

I have gone round an dround with the developtboth GEEKLOG and COPPERMINE PHOTO GALLERY and now turn to you all for any input/help on this.

Why do the PHP programs seem to get blocked by AOL and roadrunner?

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