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Originally Posted by Tribal-Dolphin
I need the creator's ID for sent the support question to him. I've take a look to the *_nodes tables and i don't find how to retrieve the creator's ID.
Can you help me for that ?
Who do you mean with creator? The client that sends a support question to the admin / reseller?

General explanation: If a user saves a form that was build with the form generator, the contents of the form are stored in the form specific table, the user and permission information is stored in the *_nodes table.

Example for isp_nodes and isp_isp_web:

isp_nodes.tree_id = unique index field of the nodes table.
isp_nodes.userid => sys_user.doc_id // Sorry, i know that this is a bit misleading with the userid column in sys_user, but doc_id is always the name of the primary index field of an table.
isp_nodes.groupid => groups.groupid
isp_nodes.parent => this field is for building the tree view, it can contain the tree ID of the parent item (folder) or the string group[GROUPID] when it is not in a folder and belongs to a group with the ID [GROUPID].
isp_nodes.type => contains 'n' if it is a folder, or 'i' if it is form document.
isp_nodes.doctype_id => isp_isp_web.doctype_id => doctype.doctype_id // in the doctype table are the form definitions stored that are made with the foem designer
isp_nodes.doc_id => isp_isp_web.doc_id // The doc_id's are the primary index fields of the content tables
isp_nodes.status // 1 = active, 0 = Deleted / stored in the trash
isp_nodes.icon // may contain the name of the icon file, if it is empty, a default icon is used
isp_nodes.modul // not used in ISPConfig
isp_nodes.title // The title that is displayed in the tree view, if the form is from the type that is displayed in the tree.
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