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Default Prevent unwanted DNS A record

Hi Falko and Till

I found unwanted behaviour if CNAME record is created .. for example:

I have domain with many subdomains ( , , etc. ..) which pointing to few different servers (, .. so I decided make it as CNAME .. so I have:

A records:
123.456.789.101 -
123.456.789.102 -
123.456.789.103 -

CNAME records:
first -
seccond -
dog -
cat -
animals -


In this case is necessary uncheck "Create DNS record" in web setting and everything is ok .. but if somebody unfortunately check this field (yes it is possible .. I know it ) for than ispconfig create A record for it. Now we have A record for and CNAME record too without any warning. Finnaly DNS server cannot handle and ends with SERVFAIL.

# host
Host not found: 2(SERVFAIL)

So what I want to say ..

It would be nice if somebody try to check "Create DNS record" for subdomain with CNAME record than ispconfig tell him about this problem.

Thanks for attention
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