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Default domain names in DNS

Hi there, ya I am using the internal IP address in my case the reason the Shared IP page comes up is when I enter the ip address as a url, this is the correct responce according to the academics of the apache virtual hosts, as by entering the ip address then the servername apache matches aginst is the ip and as a result the shared IP page is displayed.

When you mention domains in DNS you are implying the doamin being registered, this is exactly what my question is,

The question, what should I use for a url to resilve my newly created site which is not a registered domain name.

how I got it working is by entering my internal IP address and my newly created doamin in the /etc/hosts file

and the academics behind why ths works is due to the virtual host i.e. apache matces the incomming ip then mathes that against the servername and it works fine.

but this ant be seen as a solution as one would have to manually edit the /etc/hosts file for every site.

I think the root of the problem is to ensure that the http_hots header has the host name whic is only posible from a DNS which implies a registered domain.

there must be somthing (ie. some filter) I can set in the http conf whereby I will relsove the selected virtual host based on a subdomaning where the created site does not be a registered IP addres and I can access newly created sites as follows

if domain not registered then use url

<ispconfig server domain>/<newly created domain>

if domain is registered then use url

<newly created domain>

cheers Mic
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