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Default Clarify my previous post

The site I am creating is purely a fictasious site there is no domain registered its just a test site I created in ISPConfig.

symptoms of my problem of virtual hosts not workin has led me to believ that the reason being

(a) I cant just type my non registered site url in a browser and expect it to resolve.

(b) I would need to ensure that the http headers I send to my server have the HOSTS header set to my desired site i.e. .

correct me if I am wrong :

DocumentRoot /var/www/web20/web
the VirtualHost part is fins hence in the case I enter the ip I get the "This IP is shared" page, however it probably does not work because i am using none registered domains and not passin the host in my http header.

two questions-

(1) for test purposes where I just want to use dummy domains created in ISPCONFIG how can I simulate a case where the HTTP_HOST header will be set so that my virtual host setting can work.

(2) In cases where I have clients who dont have ip address how can they access their web sites, here I am suspecting some sort of subdomaining

eg <myServername>.<clintsSiteName> or something similar

I am starting to think that appache is trying to map the virtual hosts but does not have a valid host name in the http header

would a edit to the /etc/hosts file simulate a host name which I can use for test purposes

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