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Originally Posted by reddogg
- I am unsure as to what hostname I should use (I own many domain names through my business and I sure there are some spare to use as a test until I get a real one, if this is what I need).
If you have a spare domain that you can use for technical purposes only (i.e., not for web sites, emails , ...) that would be ideal. You can then create a subdomain, e.g. server1 (-> and point its DNS record to your router's public IP address.

Originally Posted by reddogg
- I am unsure how to setup both my modem and my server with the static IP.
I need some infos about your router:
- LAN IP address, maybe also netmask and broadcast, if available.
- The IP address range your DHCP server on the router uses.
You can find the details in the router's web frontend.
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