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Well, I followed:

and looking at the printed sheets, where I checked every step off, I don't see what I may have missed. The mysql install in that howto only has about 4 steps, with the install loading mysql-server mysql-client and libmysqlclient15-dev.

The /etc/init.d/mysql restart worked, returning [OK]

After following that howto, the ISPConfig compile DID fail with some message about the php not compatible. Sorry, I did not save the apt-get command I found in Google, I would have posted it...Is there a log that may still have the command? I'll look for it....

PS I found one item I added, this is the apt-get command from another post: (it actually came from this forum site!)
When I re-compiled, ISPConfig compile worked ok.

apt-get install libdigest-sha1-perl libhtml-parser-perl libnet-dns-perl libmail-spf-query-perl razor libnet-ident-perl libio-socket-ssl-perl libwww-perl libdate-manip-perl libtimedate-perl libarchive-tar-perl

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