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Originally Posted by Kankles
oh, and the other thing is, i don't understand why we create the virtual interface eth0:0?
This part is totally optional. This is just an example how you do it if you really need more than one IP address.

Originally Posted by Kankles
edit: i know this is a bit out of the juristiction of the howto but..
my dns management tool has two items under the name servers heading.

1) nameserver config (primary and secondary, currently and
2) at the bottom it says:
"If you want to create or modify a nameserver which is based on click here."
with the option to add a subdomain of and its ip address.

so am i putting over the "" or am i adding it as a sub domain?
It seems as if your provider/registrar/whatever provides you managed DNS service which is a good thing. So I'd leave the name servers at and
If you want to run your own name servers, you should have a static public IP address for them. You seem to be on a DSL line or something like this, so I don't know if you have a static IP address.
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