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Hi. This is a very similar issue to my post:

So, is the answer that the "host" server domain should be for administrating the ISPConfig only? I have 2 registered domain names, for example and bbb. com, and both currently have valid web sites on another server.
I'm trying to get email working, but run into issues I think due to the host machine name/MX and my virtual web site being the same.

If we get an "admin" DNS, do we forget about using email for this host address, and only use the virtual sites as defined in ISPConfig? Or, can I use for the host machine DNS, and point to some virtual site "" and make the virtual site look like for web browsing, php and email?

Looking at the forums, there seem to be a lot of people with a small, multiple web site server that are having these common issues. What would be nice is an example (howto) of a ISPConfig server with 4 sites - 2 with real, registered domain names with MX records, and 2 with DynDns names, all with regular websites, and email that can traverse to external sites.

Sorry I can't be of help to the originator of this post, but I feel like I'm in the same boat...

PS: Don't get me wrong, I thing ISPConfig is the best thing for us newbies.. That's why I'm finally trying to jump ship from IIS to Ubuntu with ISPConfig. Good work from the creators of ISPConfig....

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