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Default Help - virtual sites - email not working - what FQDN?

Ok, I followed all the nice howto guides from this site in setting up my Ubuntu hardy server. After the usual "php" compile failure due to missing libraries (the howto should really tell us what else to install, instead of us searching G**gle), ISPConfig is running!!

Being a newbie, I feel somewhar proud I got this far lol.

My problem - I have several web sites I want to move over to this new server, and email has always been a problem. Question is, what does one put into the domain name for the machine, if the sites are all to be virtual?

For example, lets say I have one site,, with all the DNS,MX, reverse ARP, etc. all set up properly. (This site is running now on IIS, but no email.) I also have a DYNDNS site called (for example) I can only point it's MX records to a FQDN name, like (or similar) - no IP address. My port 25 is fully open to me (no ISP blocking)

So, to get to ISPConfig, I log in, my internet LAN address. My global IP is, routed (NAT) eventually to my new Ubuntu server. What do I put in the "Managment", Server, Settings boxes? Do I put in one of my registered DNS names, of a fake name? I can see the "www" for hostname, then it wants something for "domain". What goes into "Server Name", can I put anything in there , like "mywebsite", or does this have to relate to something? I thought Postfix and such did not like the host and virtual names to be in different places, though this is supposed to be working through MySql...What IP address should I use for IP address, and what do I put in IP list then??? All my DNS names, fixed and DynDns point to the global address

A bit long winded, but you get the idea, I want to run all my sites as virtual sites as per ISPConfig, but I'm confused when these packages ask for "another" domain name in the setup.

I can browse to the two www sites, with the default ISPConfig page showing , but Squirrelmail only seems to be able to find the domain I set in the Management address, not the "other" virtual domain...

Any comments would be appreciated...
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