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Thanks again for all the help.

Apparently I did not look in all the recycle bins. I was able to recover the site from one of them. In fact the good news is I now have everything going through ISPConfig, including the PHP directives. The only manual changes I have made are those Falko recommended when using an intermediate certificate. I am using apache2 so I had to make the appropriate change to the path. The bad news is it is still not working; I cannot get to the https side of this site. Despite this problem I think I am making some headway. For sure I am beginning to see the light and think I understand things a bit more.

After I made all the suggested changes, when I restart apache I am no longer asked for my passphrase even though I am using all the same certificates. In particular the one I created with a passphrase for this site. I am not sure if ISPConfig has changed anything or not. When I was applying for the certificate I did not get the option to say no to the passphrase unlike when I was installing ISPConfig.

The following are the directions from Starfield Technologies the company I purchase the SSL certificates from.
Installing Your Web Server Certificate and the Intermediate Certificate:
- Copy your issued certificate, intermediate certificate and key file (generated when you created the Certificate Signing Request (CSR)) into the directory that you will be using to hold your certificates.
- Open the Apache ssl.conf file and add the following directives:

SSLCertificateFile /path to certificate file/your issued certificate
SSLCertificateKeyFile /path to key file/your key file
SSLCertificateChainFile/path to intermediate certificate/sf_issuing.crt

- Save your ssl.conf file and restart Apache.
I am assuming the ssl.conf directory is my httpd.conf directory.

Since I cannot make this work with the certificate and key files I have. Maybe I should start all over again. I can reissue the certificates, but I am not sure how to do this using ISPConfig. Since this is a reissue, will the steps outlined on page 62-63 of the manual work. And where or when do I make use of the intermediate certificate and change the httpd.conf file as indicated by Falko. I am also assuming that Falko meant to cp the sf_config.crt file (intermediate file returned by Starfield) to the file ca-bundle.crt.

I guess the other option is to continue trying to make the existing certificates work, anymore suggestions?
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