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my system uses ISPCONFIG to host the virtual domains everything is working as should and all domains are hosted on the same IP.

i have 2 sites created under ISPConfig and both work but as my router is configured to use wildcard forwarding is will accept *.F.Q.D.N and forward to the same host.

but if i dont include a subhost.F.Q.D.N then you get forwared to site1.F.Q.D.N rather than F.Q.D.N so i would like to make sure that F.Q.D.N points to the right path on the server to get a unique site like the *.F.Q.D.N's provided by ISPConfig i've created a site under ISPConfig www.F.Q.D.N and this has created a path on the server www.F.Q.D.N and now i would like to make sure that if you point a browser to www.F.Q.D.N or http://F.Q.D.N then you arrive at the same location.

hope that makes sence.

thanks for your help.
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