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Many thanks for your valuable guidance (Falko, Till & Aqua)
OK, have not started to configure DNS in ISPConfig, Managememt>Server.setting>.dns. Dont intent to.
1. had registered a domain "" with local registra.
2. given registra & for registra to point to.
3. set up ns1 with AXFR and ns2 as backup.. Populated A & MX records.
4. dig any got appropriate answers. Same for mail.
5. http://localhost returns the ISPConsig default index.html
6. https://localhost:81 returns the ISPConfig login page.
7. Router/Gateway Public/Internet IP is still unchanged (although it is Dhcp from ISP) have not got script to work on Auto dyn IP update yet.
8. Router/Gateway port forwarding for Web/SMTP/FTP/HTTPS enabled for Centos LAMP server with IP w.x.y.z. (although dhcp, the same IP is allocated/fixed. Server network eth0 is dhcp.
9. Problem is browser status shows connecting to for a long time without showing the expected html.
10. rpm -q chroot returns bind-chroot-9.3.3-10.el5
11. /var/named/chroot/var/named has the standard named.root (13 root NS) and a named.local (with localhost entry only).

Please advise whats I am missing ?
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