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Default newbie DNS questions

Howdo howto guys?

first of all, thanks for all the hard work you put in to helping us that don't know so well with our linux related questions. i just got hold of redhat fedora 4 after only previously using a knoppix boot cd for a few minutes and have found your guides and responses in here to be the whole basis of my linux education. sounds like the prime situation for a newbie don't it. well it turns out i find the best way to learn something your acctually going to be interested in is to jump right in. so i found some bits and built a seperate box and am having major difficulty getting it toaccept my wifi car but thats anouther story..

my prob is DNS. its the one area i'm really sketchy on. i registerd myself a domain and now i have control over that apparently. at least i can tell it which name servers i want it to use anyway.

so i presume if i want my domain to point to my fed 4 server which is behind a router then i need to set the name server on my registerd domain to my ip address and open my router to allow passage through to my server at my router includes a dns server apparently.. perhaps i need that to deal with dns requests?

my other query is this; during setup, you can choose dhcp or set dns custom.
my router has a dhcp server but i have set to perminantly lease the ip to the mac address of my servers ethernet.
so i continue as custom and set my static ip for this server to
then it asks me to enter my gateway and dns servers so i figure my router is my gateway, right? i presume as non of my other p.c.s can lease that from it.

so what are my dns servers? is it asking me for the ip of a root dns server i.e. or something else?

i'm pretty clear on everything else and can get the server and ispconfig running fine (if i edit the ispconfig php file to my internal ip address), its just the dns that has me beat.

ty guys.

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