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Well I did go for Joomla (it is allways possible to change )
after i did come to the step where I call the browser and the system checks it's read and write permissions lots of red collor messages filled my screen.
For example /home/www/web6/phptmp/ is not writable for joomla - why?
and all this sfuff
administrator/backups/  Unwriteable
  administrator/components/  Unwriteable
  administrator/modules/  Unwriteable
  administrator/templates/  Unwriteable
  cache/  Unwriteable
  components/  Unwriteable
  images/  Unwriteable
  images/banners/  Unwriteable
  images/stories/  Unwriteable
  language/  Unwriteable
  mambots/  Unwriteable
  mambots/content/  Unwriteable
  mambots/editors/  Unwriteable
  mambots/editors-xtd/  Unwriteable
  mambots/search/  Unwriteable
  media/  Unwriteable
  modules/  Unwriteable
  templates/  Unwriteable
DO I REALLY NEED TO MAKE IT WRITABLE FOR JOOMLA. Why is it not writable by default if CMS systems need it? Is is dangerous to make it all writable? Too many questions...

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