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Yes, my CentOS box is behind a router.
My domain registra needs 2 DNS/IP addresses.
I have only 1 ADSL connection with dynamic IP address.
Hence, I thought to deviate and go with external DNS providers.
However, had followed your CentOS Perfect LAMP and ISPConfig tutorials.
Will the setup work ?.

1. If not is there another Howto?
2. If no howtos at the moment, do I just simply remove CentOS bind-chroot from Desktop>Application>Add/Remove Software>servers>DNS name server ?
3. Once bind is removed, do I need to patch conf files for apache,postfix etc..?
4. Once I fixed up the ext DNS records A,MX etc, do I still enter DNS IP into ISPConfig?

5. by the way, why my system failed to start properly with SSL certification and only worked after deactivating. Have U guys figured that one out yet ?

appreciate till's and your help
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