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Originally Posted by amoniak

I am using this mod on some accounts and I have a question:

http://user.domain.tld (third level domain) works fine, but how can I configure it to be also working for http://www.user.domain.tld ?

any help would be greatly appreciated!

many thx!
Fairly certain this is not possible, you can attempt to alter the rewrite rules to pull this off but that would require you to treat & parse every instance of www. as a level 2 subdomain which would essentially bust www.domain.tld and fix www.user.domain.tld.

However, creating a new site with its own DNS records for each user.domain.tld with a *.user.domain.tld co-domain(sub) should allow this. (unfortunetally thats the only way I can think to accomplish this). If you manage to figure out a more elegant solution please let me know!

Best of luck,
Gary Maurizi.
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