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Default router port forwarding and DMZ

mmmm about the router I think you might be on to something as I have made two seperate installations on two sepeate servers and resulted in identical behaviour of sites not working

first of all about port forwarding

are you implying I should set up my main IP at the wall to be forwarded to (i.e. the IP my virtual hosts are runnng on as well as my ISpconfig server Ip)

[main IP]--------->[]

could you explain the other option you mentioned DMZ not sure I follow (not familiar with DMZ or the terminology used).

I dont have the server running at the momment as it is pointless as the sites dont work, I could set it up to run and let you know so you can have a look around.

before we do that I will take a look at my router setting.

Question 1 what url should I enter in the browser to view my newly added sites, please give an example based on the config info in my initial post.

Question 2 do I have to be running on a seperate machine to enter this url, (i.e. can I enter this url on the actual server for testing or do I have to be an actual client mechin running externally)

Question 3 do you have any troubleshing tips to test this setup from an apache point of view any utilities mayby part of the fedora core 5 distro I can use to trouble shoot this situation.


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