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Default DNS client update IP thru cron or other?

I've search here and didn't find any hit that pertains to my question. So i'm sorry if this has been covered. I know this should be posted in the proper site, but I figured this post can be useful to other n00bs like myself.

How do I add the fallowing to cron every 15min?

wget -O - --http-user=username --http-passwd=password ""
I have webmin installed and I am in the cron section. I'm guessing I paste the code above in the "Input to command" box. But what do I type in the "Command" box? Should I run this job as root? What if I need to update 3 other domains? Do I create 3 other cron jobs?

Can anyone recomend a n00b friendly DNS client with gui? What about ez-ipupdate? I have the RPM version for RedHat, but will it work properly with Fedora?

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