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Till, Thanks again for your help.

Well I am feeling pretty stupid because, I may have painted myself into a corner. I was trying to add the PHP specific code to the site I had, prior to looking at redoing the SSL Certificate as you indicated. Thus avoiding any manual intervention as preferred, to make a long story short I must have made a mistake, the site disappeared and now I cannot create it again because I get this error message. “The name is already in use by another site or domain.” There is no other site on this system.

How can I recover from this error?
Is there any graceful way?
Should I uninstall ISPConfig and reinstall?
If uninstalling ISPConfig is recommended would the partial deinstallation be preferred if I am going to recreate this site?

Also, according to the directions from my CA, I must install an intermediate certificate prior to installing the Web Server SSL Certificate. Thus creating a chain from a trusted root CA, through an intermediate certificate and ending with a Web Server SSL Certificate issued to me. This seems to add another step which your solution did not seem to address. Since I already have the certificate, I was trying to use the solution presented to theduke on the forum “REAL SSL Cert install problems thread.” Would this have been appropriate?
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