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Originally Posted by ctroyp
One further question. FYI, I used the perfect setup for Debian Sarge. I have heard that you can create your own CA functionality on this system. What are the pros and cons in setting up your own CA? I am completely new to CA and SSL, so bare with me.
I don't see any advantage in being your own CA, because whenever someone visits a site with an SSL cert from your own CA, a warning will pop up in the user's browser...

Originally Posted by ctroyp
Furthermore, can someone recommend a low $ CA that is reputible?
I've always used InstantSSL ( ), never had problems with them. They used to be very cheap, but they've increased their prices now , but they are still among the cheapest.
Other CAs are Verisign, Thawte, Geotrust, Entrust, and RapidSSL.
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