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Originally Posted by falko
You could try to get the PHP 5.2.4 src.rpm and replace PHP 5.2.4 with PHP 5.2.5, then adjust the SPEC file and build a new RPM.
Chapter 5 on has an example for building a Postfix rpm from a src.rpm.
Would building a new RPM from source avoid the error message that I get when I compile PHP 5.2.5? I have never build a RPM from source and wouldn't know where to start or how to modify the PHP 5.2.5 source SPEC file to be as what I wanted it to be as when I compile it. I am sorry if this sound newbie-ish, but maybe a more detailed explanation on what you suggested. Thanks falko.

PS: Where can I download PHP 5.2.5 src.rpm? Again ... sorry for this newbie question ...

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