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Default can't receive email

register setting
A records: points to
* points to points to

mx records:
host name:
pirority: low

public ip address =
web site is

unable to receive email. using thunderbird to receive. tried two different setting for internal lan i used pop server and smtp server addresses of (address of internal ispconfig machine) using this setting thunderbird ask me for my user password a give it and it says no new messages on the server. also tried receiving mail from the outside changed pop server setting to, asked me for my password and then told me their were no new messages on the server.
user name for both attempts is mwebb

have sent 3 messages to via hotmail. no error messages are returned to me with my hotmail email client.

under ispconfig i have setup a web site called, web site is working. check off create dns, create dns mx, ftp access, mailuser login, created user/email user named web8_mwebb: setting for web8_mwebb are, email address, web space mb 10, mailspace mb 10.

don't even know were to start to try and find this problem.

ps have waited 48 hrs for A record and MX records to be changed.
also i can send emails out using
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