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Default Statistics admin Bug????

I thing this could be a bug.

I have create a new site with 200MB disk space

I loged as user admin to this site and i have uploaded (By using FTP) the site's file (Many pics and sounds available for donwloads) almost 150MB

I checked how many disk space i used to this site. It said me 150MB. All work fine hire.

Now i have changed the permitions to dowloaded directories to 717 and to all downloaded files to 644.

I checked again how many disk space i used to this site. It said me 29MB!!!!. This is not right because i am using 150MB and not 29MB.

I noticed the problem is cause i have chaged the permision specialy the group perimetions. The group permition should be 5 (read and execute) to get the right report.

Off course the quota works fine and it does not allow me to extend the storage limit space... but the report of using space is wronk

I am sure but i think the bandwith report is wronk also.....

PS: Sory about my bad english

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