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Default Proxy removed doesn't help

I remove the proxy: from proxy:mysql:...

Mail still sits in queue. smtp is still chrooted, IMAP-SSL still works fine, SMTP to other mail servers works fine. For some reason it just cannot deliver the mail to one of the MailDir's under /home/vmail (i.e. /home/vmail/<username>/ OR /home/vmail/

I would imagine that the proxy items need to be there because of the chroot and not being able to read config from the /etc/postfix directory.

The postfix documentation is confusing because in places talking about virtual hosts and storing all the accounts under one unix account is allowed and can be mapped. But other places talking about the virtual hosts having no privileges on the filesystem and being unable to write to any files. I wish the error messages would lead me to a more conclusive answer...
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