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No, I'm configuring a miniserver at a remote ISP. It's Debian sarge 3.1 and it was clean when i got it, but i did a bit of fiddling about using non-standard apt sources trying to get a php accelerator installed.

The first time i tried the how-to i ended up not having sasl or tls running at all, for no good reason. I amended sources.list to be just the normal entries and ran apt-get --purge remove postfix postfix-tls, then did the same for courier* and started again from scratch, leaving me where i am now.

I am a bit suspicious that it seems to be a sasl problem when it was sasl that i overlooked from the purge (as it would have taken my apache configuration with it). I'm thinking maybe i might have a non-standard version.

When I ran the how-to both times, I didn't get asked the suExec question as described in the beginning, or which webserver i would like to configure automatically. I installed Apache2 before i looked at this tutorial, which brought openssl and sasl with it, so what i was contemplating was backing up my website and apache2 config files, then purging the whole lot and starting from scratch. Would you recommend this and will the initial big apt-get command install apache2 as part of the process when i run it again?
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