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Default ispconfig spam filtering weakness

The real problem here and where the need for maia comes in IMHO, is that if a user configures their ISPC email account to forward email to another address, because of the .forward/procmail combination, postfix forwards the message before it can be spam filtered. Maybe this is more "right", but as a sysadmin I certainly don't see the point in having users' SPAM forwarded (essentially relayed) through my servers. If I am going through the trouble to have a server that can filter SPAM, why would I want half my users which forward email to get tons of spam thanks in part to my service? This is BAD!!!

Maia would give a "mandatory" system wide shared bayesian based spam filter to be used by every account on the box which would filter and quarantine crap before postfix could forward it on to their outside address.

If nobody has tackled this yet, I don't know if any integration with ispconfig would make much sense. Would it be nice to have site admins optionally be a domain admin in maia, or no?
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