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Default move only some site


I am trying to find some help but not sucessful. maybe it is already discus somewhere else.

I have new server where I am running and some new SITEs.
I was thinking for future moving of some sites from old server to new one so I did just insert row into SITE table with ID=64.
so new sites on new server has ID > 64.

CAN I USE BACKUP / RESTORE tool for moving just some sites from old to new server?

I can see that on BACKUP page I will choose "web data", "user data" and "mysql data" and I will also choose which site I want.

this looks nice BUT I am not able to find RESTORE page, where I should pickup backup file. where it is? otherwise making a backup has NOT sence.

is there any another way how to move only some site from old to new server?

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