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Question Ubuntu Server Installation Questions

I am getting ready to install Ubuntu server on a spare PC. I am very new to Linux, but really want to learn about it. I am a Windows Network Administrator and am familiar with most networking/server issues as they exist in the Windows world.

I would like to know how the following items compare to the Windows world:
  • Does Ubuntu have any sort of built-in software firewall (like the basic Windows firewall).
  • Is the ability to Telnet into a server included automatically with a basic server install?
  • Is the ability to make TAR or ZIP files included with a basic server install?
  • Is it possible to make a TAR file and then transmit it via Telnet (for back-up purposes?)

Right now I am running eyeOS ( on my Windows XP Pro box with IIS and PHP 5.x installed. I would like to set up an Ubuntu server on my LAN. I would like for this Ubuntu server to only include the most basic parts of Linux, though. I don't need SSH, FTP, X, etc... Just command line stuff. Can it be done? I am asking if I can do the TAR items via Telnet because I would prefer to just Telnet into the box and copy the files over to another machine for backup purposes. I figured I'd just install Apache, SSL, PHP and some sort of firewall.

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