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Originally Posted by disasm if I just tell my ISP to add my reverse DNS issue, will that resolve the problem?

One more thing to add. Is there any tools that will tell you what dns server is responding when you do a reverse dns lookup? Basically my ISP is saying that because I run my own dns, my server has the problem, when I asked them to add my reverse domain lookup.


Who is your ISP? To be perfectly blunt, whichever tech support rep you spoke with has no idea what he/she is talking about. You ALWAYS want reverse DNS (PTR) records to reside on the name servers of the company who owns the IP block. Do a "whois" lookup to find out who is authoritative at Another option is to have them do a classless delegation of the range they route to you, but they still have to add that on their end. This is all assuming that you have a static public IP range being routed to you. Hope this helps.
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