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Default Reverse DNS

Not necessarily specific to ISPConfig, but I have ISPConfig with the reverse dns entries I want. If I change my resolv.conf to us my ispconfig server for my dns, and do a hostx x.x.x.x then it replies correctly for the reverse dns. However, when my name servers don't include my ispconfig server it says name not found. Now, I think this means that it's querying another server to find out the reverse dns of that IP (my guess would be my ISP's DNS server), which doesn't have me added, so if I just tell my ISP to add my reverse DNS issue, will that resolve the problem?

One more thing to add. Is there any tools that will tell you what dns server is responding when you do a reverse dns lookup? Basically my ISP is saying that because I run my own dns, my server has the problem, when I asked them to add my reverse domain lookup.


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