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I renamed my Vhost_ispconfig.conf file to Vhost_ispconfig.conf_01-03-08_10-17-57 and saved in in etc/apache2/vhosts/ and restarted everything. I then added a new website in the control panel, and although it shows up there, it was not added to the Vhost_ispconfig.conf file.

On an existing website I had a login problem with one of the mail accounts on the domain. I tried resetting the password, and that didn't work, so I deleted the user and wanted to re-create the box. This then gave me an error from the ISPC control panel saying the account already exists. I checked the passwd file, and there is no such user. I then also checked the virtualusertable in postfix to see if the user is there, but nothing.

So where else can the user information be that prevents ISPConfig from deleting the info and recreating? And then how can the permission problem be sorted out that will allow ISPConfig to write to all the necessary files?
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