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Default Booting On PXE And On A Customized Debian System

Hi there,

I already read something regarding the issue I experiment, but no acceptable answer was provided so I'm stuck in the fog.

Once I followed your howto, I was unable, whatever I changed, to boot on the customized debian image. It's been close to 2 days I've been working on it, but it looks like it's impossible to get nfs work.

Again, and again, and again the same error, as mentionned before, by other users, here and there around Google :
nfs: server XXX not responding, still trying.

I never saw a NFS OK in the logs, even if i can access nfs share with another computer.

DHCP is OK (driver loaded, correct address and so on)
TFTP is OK (as far as I can see)
NFS is working (showmount -e localhost OK, and so on...),
BUT IT'S NOT POSSIBLE TO BOOT on the customized system.

Do someone have a clue ?
Did it work for someone ?

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