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Default How to replace ip adresses in A DNS records all at once?

i'm going to migrate my ISPConfig server to different provider with different IP range, togehter with other servers

in Ispconfig DNS manager i have 150+ A records which are using more different IP adresses (ISPConfig server is authoritative DNS for itself and for more other servers)

How should i replace one IP adress for all related sites without clicking them in DNS manager?
I was looking into ispconfigdb structure, but haven't understand the structure of DNS in MySQL clearly (there is just few lines in "dns_a" table)

I will also need to change IP for sites in ISPconfig site manager
(menu ISP Manager->Sites-><i>Select Site</i>->Basis->IP adress

can anyone help me?

Assuming i have to change something in MySQL ispconfig database, how to force then the ISPConfig reread configuration from MySQL ?

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