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Hi Till

>make sure that you enabled databases for the reseller
I hadn't created a reseller, so that was why it wasn't coming up.

I dont understand where the Vhosts file is getting it's setting from. You said it is automatically overwritten. When I look in ISPConfig setting the new IP is there but the file gets written over with the old IP settings??

Anyway, I decided to start again and test a few scenarios, such as installing the exact same version of Mandriva and ISPConfig that was on the old server. I got the same result. Not working. Wierd.

End Result - I have learnt a lot more about the systems and how they work. I decided to do a clean install with the latest versions of Mandriva and ISPConfig. Installation still had that problem that the doctype table was corrupted in a fresh install. I fixed that by dumping the doctype table from my current ISPConfig system (Ver 2.2.6) and imported that over the new one(Ver. 2.2.21). Everything seems to work OK with that.

I am now going to create each web again in the ISPConfig and then transfer each webs files and Db's over one at at time. It is going to take a bit longer (I have 35 webs with users, ftp,email,etc) but I want to make sure I have a system that is going to run for the next 3 years without any problems. My current ISPConfig system has been running for 2 years without a drama since its intial setup.

While I didn't actually resolve why I couldn't achieve a successful transfer from the old system to the new system using Falko's instructions (which I followed to the letter as I know Falko knows a lot more than I do), I will consider this thread closed.

I hope some-one else can get some benefit from it.

Thanks for everyone's help.
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