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I have installed ISPConfig for what must be the 15th time and so far so good. I have a system that's up and running, I can connect and change settings etc. and I can see the first website's homepage! At first glance however e-mail will be my next problem

Here's a follow up question for you:
When connecting from a machine from the same network as the server (10.x.x.1 for the server and 10.x.x.2 for a client) it won't connect me when I use https://10.x.x.1:81 does allow me to connect. When I'm connected it does not allow me to access certain pages in the Management tab: specifically System Configuration and Server.

All the other tabs seem to work fine.

Now when I log in from an outside network I can log in and do everything without any issues at all. So it does work, but not quite as I had expected.

Again, I'm using the Perfect Server Setup for Ubuntu (Breezy) as my baseline and I have not tinkered with iptables or any other type of firewall on my server. NAPT on the router has everything pointing to the server's IP address.
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