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Default unable to change index.html

had to back up just alittle bit and start again just so i can explain the problem. deleted all the web sites resellers and cleints in ispconfig. then i created a new client rsmith when i created rsmith i didn't know what to put for web address so i put filled in the username and password and thats it. then i created a new site called and checked ftp access and checked create DNS, then i created a new user&email with the name web8_rsmith and check admin. now i access the ftp site, i log in as web8_rsmith and i see five folders cgi-bin,log,phptmp,ssl,user,web. i move to the folder web and replace the file index.html with a new file index.html this index.html file is completely different from the original "fedora core test page". then i try to access the web site with my browser and i still get the original "fedora core test page". what is it i'm doing wrong ??
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