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Hi again.
I have been coding a lot lately, and I'm rewriting all the installers into one big administrative interface. I'm doing Ok, but now I have a big problem.
I ask the user for the admin username and password, for example, and then I want to write those values to the *user* database, in some any table (it depends on the cms). I cannot find anything that would let me change to the user database in the mysql class.
My idea was something like this, but I doesnt work ofcourse:
$go_api->db->query("use $db_database");
$go_api->db->query("UPDATE pn_users SET pn_uname='test_user' WHERE pn_uid='2'");
And I was looking to the "query" method, and it doesnt let me change to another database...
Any help?
thanks again.
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