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Originally Posted by till
For this kind of setup you need 2 statix IP's from your provider. One for the server and one for the router.
Hmmm... so, back to setting it up behind the router then... was I correct in providing the local static IP (ie or as the ISPConfig Web IP?

I guess I'm not sure of the settings for the final part of ISPConfig, and how to change them now, after the fact...

If I assign the router the the outside static IP, then would these settings work:
Please enter your MySQL server: localhost
Please enter your MySQL user: root
Please enter your MySQL password: (psswd)
Please enter a name for the ISPConfig database: ispconfigdb
Please enter the IP address of the ISPConfig web:
Please enter the host name: www
Please enter the domain:
Please select the protocol (http or https (SSL encryption)) to use to access the ISPConfig system: http

And then... I need to do something to the router to forward the request to the internal IP?

...Trying to get a server set up so kids at our teen center can do web design on our newly donated computers... Am I getting close?

Once again, thank you!!!!
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