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Hi and thanks for the speedy reply! Thanks Falko and Till!

I'll clarify what I had tried and where I went wrong (I believe):

In setting up my system, I had installed ISPConfig on a PC that is connected to a Linksys router. I had given the PC two static IP's as described in "perfect set up", and During the final install of ISPConfig, I listed as the "address of the ISPConfig web".. Now, I have a static IP from our service provider,, and once I realized the complications that would arise with port forwarding on the router etc., thought to put the server outside of the router (by way of connecting the PC and the router to a small switch). Thus, I hoped to assign our outside static IP to the server with ISPConfig, and have the router on DHCP... Does this set up work, and if so how would I change that IP setting in ISPConfig? I looked in the files that were suggested, and saw how to change the URL such as "", but not the underlying IP number, did I just miss it?

On other question of executing the postconf commands, I did get an error, "command not found". I was logged in as root. Oddly, now the command works... Is it too late to complete this section of the "perfet install" directions, after ISPConfig is set up?

Thanks agian,
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