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Originally Posted by till
That's the way ISPConfig works and it is the way its intended to and we will not change this.
Hi Till

I was referring to, the "" + "Co-Domain adds email addresses automaticly" situation — isn't that going to be changed?
It's been so many posts I've read that can't find the one where you or Falco were writing about that, sorry.
Anyway, I thought I explain it to sinapsisglobal, how it works in general…

As for mails to a SystemUser… I understand what's happening and there is a way of preventing postfix from excepting those emails. In fact, on another server I complaint to the admin about not being able to quickly send emails to a SystemUser while I'm on the shell ;-)
But I would have to check there how it's done there and who did it…

Hope it'll work for you sinapsisglobal

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