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Red face novice question.. I gave wrong IP for install, how to change?


I just completed an install of ISPConfig on fc4 as described in "the perfect set up". I thought that things had gone well, untill I tried to log in on port 80... no go, connection timmed out... then I realized that I'd made a mistake in assigning the IP at the end of the ISPConfig install (ISPConfig Web address). How can I change this?

Again, i think that things went well otherwise.. i couldn't get any of the "postconf -e 'smtpd_sasl_local_domain =' " and similar commands to work, even though postfix did install, but thought that this wouldn't matter much since i'm not really interested in setting up mail.

Stoopid to make such a moronic mistake in the first place... I'd love to know how to change the ISPConfig Web address.

Thanks Much!
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