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Hi there,Hi there,

I'm also still struggling with the way ISPConfig works in that regard…

How ISPConfig does it is that it creates a SystemUser with a prefix of web_… and creates the Maildir/Mailbox in the according web.
For example:
I'm sure you've done and noticed this already.

As you then add any Co-Domains ISPConfig creates virtual user in the Postfix- virtusertable with that SystemUser web_…

Another example…
You started with the website, with the Hostname www and then added a CO-Domain leaving the Hostname blank and then set up a webmaster email account, leading to
Code:    web_1p1    web_1p1    web_1p1    web_1p1

I too, was a bit confused by that, but thats just the way it's done for now… I've read here this will be changed in version 2.3 maybe and that most of the code is already written and that it is in the SVN — but that post was 1 year old or so.

Anyway, the solution for you would be to set the Mailserver to External for your "main site"
Go Site ->Options ->Mailserver: External Mailserver, but leave the setting for the CO-Domain "" at Local Mailserver!!

This will cut out any "" email addresses and shorten your
to    web_1p1    web_1p1
I would still like to get rid of the "" as it's unnecessary and just a use less email address which can be spamed, but have not found a way doing this :(

Hope this helps

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